Review: Edith Sheffer’s Asperger’s Children examines the infamous doctor behind the disorder

By EMILY DONALDSON The Viennese pediatrician Hans Asperger first used the term “autistic psychopathy” to describe the group of characteristics now recognized as autism in a 1938 paper delivered under the recent shadow of Hitler’s Anschluss. “Asperger’s syndrome” was named for him, posthumously, in the early 1980s, and entered the DSM as a standalone diagnosis in 1994. […]

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Asperger’s Children by Edith Sheffer review – the origins of autism in Nazi Vienna

By Ian Thomson In popular legend, Asperger was an Oskar Schindler figure who shielded his charges from euthanasia. The truth is more uncomfortable. In nursing homes across the Third Reich, children diagnosed with “autistic spectrum disorder” (as it might be termed today) were systematically murdered. Caring for these “useless mouths” drained the Aryan state. It was […]

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