Asperger’s Children Book

Holocaust Lecture Series Begins with conversation on Hans Asperger and Autism

The Jewish studies department launched a series of lectures regarding the Holocaust beginning with two by Drs. Edith Sheffer and Herwig Czech on Oct. 4 at McKenna Theatre, moderated by professor Venise Wagner of the journalism department. Both lecturers presented the subject and controversy of autism and Hans Asperger’s association with the Nazi regime during […]

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Review: Edith Sheffer’s Asperger’s Children examines the infamous doctor behind the disorder

By EMILY DONALDSON The Viennese pediatrician Hans Asperger first used the term “autistic psychopathy” to describe the group of characteristics now recognized as autism in a 1938 paper delivered under the recent shadow of Hitler’s Anschluss. “Asperger’s syndrome” was named for him, posthumously, in the early 1980s, and entered the DSM as a standalone diagnosis in 1994. […]

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CBC Radio Interview: “A Nazi in all but name”: Author argues Asperger’s syndrome should be renamed

Edith Sheffer Interview with CBC Radio The Current Anna Maria Tremonti

The Austrian pediatrician for whom Asperger syndrome is named doesn’t deserve the honour of that title, because he collaborated with Nazis to euthanize children, according to a professor. Hans Asperger conducted pioneering research into what he termed “autistic psychopathy” during the Second World War in Vienna, but was also involved in screening children in line with Nazi policies […]

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The Mercury News: UC Berkeley historian exposes Hans Asperger as Nazi-era autism doctor who sent kids to their deaths

The Mercury news Review of Aspergers Children Book

After UC Berkeley historian Edith Sheffer learned that her 17-month-old son had autism, she did what many parents in her situation do: She read everything she could. And like many parents, Sheffer soon came across stories about Hans Asperger. In autism circles, he’s long been known as the pioneering Viennese doctor whose name became synonymous […]

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Asperger’s Children by Edith Sheffer review – the origins of autism in Nazi Vienna

By Ian Thomson In popular legend, Asperger was an Oskar Schindler figure who shielded his charges from euthanasia. The truth is more uncomfortable. In nursing homes across the Third Reich, children diagnosed with “autistic spectrum disorder” (as it might be termed today) were systematically murdered. Caring for these “useless mouths” drained the Aryan state. It was […]

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Bob Brockie: Edith Sheffer’s book exposes Hans Asperger’s crimes.

Stuff NZ review of Asperger's Children book

After a long, distinguished career as a practicing psychologist and medical specialist, Hans Asperger, professor of psychology at Vienna University, died in 1980. Starting in the 1930s, Asperger made a name for himself as a pediatrician, specialising in the mental disorders of children and was a pioneer in the study of autism. He found that severely autistic […]

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