Hans Asperger

New York Journal of Books Review of Asperger’s Children

New York Journal of Books

Most of us think of Dr. Hans Asperger as a benevolent and compassionate Austrian psychiatrist whose penetrating analysis of pediatric “psychopathy” led to our present understanding of the autism spectrum of disorders. He has been regarded as a considerate defender of children with disabilities and a leader among Vienna psychiatrists. In this groundbreaking study of […]

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The New York Review of Books” Dr. Death by Lisa Appignanesi

Long-deceased Viennese doctors, unless they’re called Freud, rarely make newspaper headlines. But one has recently done so on both sides of the Atlantic. On April 19, the academic open-access journal Molecular Autism published a detailed article by the Austrian medical historian Herwig Czech about Hans Asperger, the Viennese pediatrician whose name has since the 1980s designated a […]

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Hans Asperger’s complex Nazi history

What we now call autism has surely been a part of the human condition for as long as human beings have existed. But the way different cultures understand, talk about and treat people who exhibit the symptoms of autism — difficulty or disinterest in social interactions, repetitive behaviors and language impairments — can vary widely. […]

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NPR Here & Now: One Author’s Summer Book Advice? Read More Women Writers

"Asperger's Children" book featured on NPR Here & Now

Looking for summer books that test your brain but are still accessible? Author and podcaster Steve Almond (@stevealmondjoy), whose most recent book is “Bad Stories,” joins Here & Now‘s Robin Young to share some of his picks. His list features works by mostly women writers (with the exception of Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” and Hartley Lin’s “Young Frances”) […]

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